Friday, April 11, 2008

Pre-race prep day with not enough sleep

We woke up way too early this morning! Sandy and Wes were hot tubbing it until 3:30am (5:30 Iowa time). By 8:30 we were up, and the coffee pot was brewing. Grabbed some breakfast and unpacked the bikes. Sandy had a minor freakout when she couldn't find the tool bag which also contained our skewers and pedals. Would the airline really have confiscated them? After 10min of ransacking the suitcase and calling Dan, we finally found them tucked safely in the "I'll store them in an extra bag in case the the zip lock bag rips open" bag.

10am we were at packet pickup. Hy-vee had better swag, but we got stuffed Aflac ducks that squawk. :) Off next to try out our wetsuits.

It's gonna fit!

The swim area beach front was too small to get in a good swim, so we made our own swimming area.

Do we really need to stay within the ropes...?

Got in enough swimming to get a good feel of the water (about a half hour), and I practiced getting out of my wetsuit twice.

Off to find lunch at Whole Foods, and grab some snacks for the rest of the trip. Also picked up some beer and a few bottles of wine. Whoever had the room before us left a parting gift of a 12-pack of beer. Sweet!

The interstate was a little slow moving on the way back to the resort due to an accident. I've never seen a mini-van roll UP an embankment!

Up next....out for a quick bike ride, then getting our nipples pierced tomorrow!

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