Sunday, April 13, 2008

breakin all the rules...

The hot tub closes at 10, but that didn't stop us Saturday night from enjoying a bottle of wine until midnight. You'd think we'd be exhausted and sleep in Sunday morning, but we were all up by 8 and back in the hot tub. After lounging and having breakfast, Sandy and I (well, Wes for a few minutes, too) got in some laps in the pool. We also all tried out the water slide in the kiddie pool.


Packed up and were headed to Vegas at 1. We checked in to the Golden Nugget, found some lunch on Freemont Street, and were back at the pool. We're still all wondering how the GN pool made it on any "top 10 pool" list?!?! Do the other hotel pools suck this bad? There is a slide, but how many times can you possibly go down it? There is a shark tank, but can you really watch fish swim around for all that long? It wasn't long before the shade took over. Also, a new hotel requirement is an adult-only pool.

Sandy and Wes have never been to Vegas, so we took the mini-van out for a spin on the strip. After taking an hour to drive the few, long blocks, we parked for free at the Flamingo and walked over to the Bellagio. The shops there are amazing. We stopped at Tiffany's and a few others before heading out for the water show. Back inside for the flower display and butterfly houses. Then to one of my favorite stop of the night...the chocolate fountain outside of a chocolate store! I had to get some gelato for the walk back to downtown.


Paula and Sandy weren't up for checking out Fremont street, so Wes and I ventured out. A bar had some live music until midnight. All covers songs. Back out to Fremont Street to find a place that would make a fresh Pina Colada instead of the pre-made frozen type. Found the prefect spot for one and stayed there the rest of the night...

And the rest of the story stays in Vegas....

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