Friday, April 11, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

After being huddled in the basement of the Cedar Rapids Airport waiting for the tornado warning to be over, we made it out 2 hours late. Before taking off, we got in a quick drink to calm our nerves.


The flight was 2hrs 45min and I slept about half of it. Wes and I waisted the first chunk of time playing 2-person euchre while Sandy tried her best to "be in the now".

If you have the option when flying with bikes to use Allegiant, do it! For $60 each way we took 2 bikes in 1 bike box. The luggage people seemed nice and they said they took good care of the bikes when loading them. We'll see when they get unpacked

We made it safely to the Loew's resort in our styling mini-van. Already checked out the swimming pools, hot tub, and a good bottle of wine. Night!

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  1. Well glad to here you all made it ok to vegas.

    I hope that you are all having a wonderful time.

    We are having a Blast here in Iowa City. Cerrano and I are loving our life together, Aishah has found a new Best Friend. He is a good dog.