Friday, April 11, 2008

Meeting Malaika Homo

I went to the "meet the pros" even tonight. To introduce themselves, each pro was to tell a little about them and what their "best" race was. When they got to Malaika Homo she said she hasn't won any large race, but one of her favorites was winning the Pigman Half. My first thought was, there's another race called pigman...? I asked her about it afterwards and 2 years ago she was driving home to Indiana from Utah. On her way out she did Big Creek and on the way back did Pigman.

Pigman Half 2006 Results:

Malaika is 4th from the right in the tan top and blue capris

Took a short 6.75 mile bike ride. It was all uphill on the way out, which makes for a nice ride back! And just slightly more scenic then Iowa. Although, once you get out of the resort area's plush green grass, it's pretty much rock and dirt.

Got a little bit of sun today. Looks like I'm coming back to Iowa with a little color. I'm sure it'll be more red then brown and quickly turn back to pale white. Lips are getting chapped. Good thing just about ever stand at the expo today had chapstick. I've got about a lifetime supply now.

About time for some food, finish packing for tomorrow, and getting to bed early. 5:30am wakup call tomorrow.

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