Thursday, September 24, 2009

Las Vegas -> Orange County -> San Diego -> Las Vegas

I'm headed back out west to race again. This time for the Best of the US Triathlon, which is part of the Orange County Triathlon. Kind of confusing, I know. Up until this year I had no clue either. I'll try to explain and hope to not confuse you any more.

Each state has a qualifying race. The Pigman Sprint in June is Iowa's qualifying race. The fastest man and woman are given a spot to race at the Best of the US (BOUS) race. Erin Anderson, who easily beat me, was the fastest woman. She declined, so it rolled down to me. Wes and I figured it would make a great vacation, and we hoped to see Mark (coach guy who recently moved to the San Diego area and who I wouldn't have qualified for this race without) while we were there. So, one man and one woman from each state will complete at the BOUS triathlon. I assume to make things a bit easier for the BOUS organizers, they teamed up with an existing race which changes each year. This year the BOUS racers will be the first wave of the Orange County Triathlon.

It's a race full of amazing triathletes. I'm honored to be there, but very nervous about doing well. It's the end of season and I'm ready for it to be over. Time for some much-needed relaxing. I know I should just be concerned about my performance, but I REALLY don't want to come in last. Someone has to come in last and the field is full of top-rate racers.

Anway…More info at

Trip Itinerary:
Thursday Night - Depart CR at 9:35pm for Las Vegas on Allegiant Air
Friday - Drive from Las Vegas to Orange County
Saturday - Check out race course and OC area
Sunday - Race Day! After race drive to Mark's
Monday - Hang out in San Diego
Tuesday - Drive to Joshua Tree National Reserves and spend day there
Wednesday - Tour Mojave Desert, then drive to Las Vegas
Thursday - Lulu!!! and wherever else we decide to go in Las Vegas
Friday - Fly out sometime in the afternoon

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