Monday, September 28, 2009


My first day to sleep in without Wes waking me up, and I was up by 7am. Figures. The morning was really relaxing. Had breakfast and hung out with Mark's wife, Molly, and kids. Around 11am we took off to view the naval ships. They are huge! One had a group of guys hitting each other with foam things. I’d guess they were practicing taking away rifles from people trying to attack them..?

Next stop was the hospital to meet up with Mark for lunch. We had food from the commissary, which was sooooo cheap! Two meals and a pop for $5. After lunch, Wes and I headed over to Balboa Park. The gardens were beautiful, but we didn’t tour any of the museums. The Natural History Museum had the Body display, which was temping. We still had some time to waste, so we drove downtown and found a pub with Wes’s Pub Finder app on his iPhone. When he first bought it I thought it was a waste of money, but every time we travel it’s come in very handy! I’ve probably already saved a tree by not having to print off a ton of google maps.

We had a couple beers at Neighborhood ( We only had to wait a few minutes for the 2-for-1 special to begin. Perfect timing! A few they had on tap we can get in Iowa, but some she said we wouldn’t even be able to find bottled anywhere.


On our way back to Mark and Molly’s we stopped at Henry’s Farmers Market. It’s the same place we stopped at in OC that was like Trader Joe’s. We were getting low on some of our staples (soy milk, soy cheese, and garden burgers), and I also picked up some stuff for dinner. Mark was grilling up salmon and steaming broccoli, and I got some brussels sprouts. It’s a very under-appreciated vegetable, so I like to feed it to people at any chance I get.  It went over well with everyone…including the 5-year-old. Caroline rocks!

Our plans have changed for tomorrow. Mark and Molly talked us in to taking a kayak tour in La Jolla. The rest of the day is a bit up in the air.

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