Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 Sponsors!

I'm so excited to be continuing all of my sponsors from 2013 and adding a few more for the 2014 season!  Throughout the year, I'll be posting information from my sponsors to my blog and Facebook.  I hope to not overload either as I don't want to them to become too 'advertising' and annoy anyone!  But, these are all great companies, and I want to make sure everyone knows about all their wonderful happenings.

Starting with the sponsors I've had the longest, to my newest additions....

We Run
This is my second year being sponsored by We Run in North Liberty.  The store opened about two years ago, and I approached them a year ago in hopes that they would want to help out a local triathlete.  I am inspired by the history of how the store came to be which I can relate to in my own running background, and they carry a lot of the products I love...Zoot Sports and Skirt Sports.  I also enjoy visiting the shop to see what new items they have, or to just chat with whoever is working at the time.  Everyone there is so helpful, and I love learning about each of their stories.  They have group runs on Wednesday evenings at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8am.  I make it to the runs whenever I can, but not as often as I'd like to.  They have been a great help to me in 2013, and I look forward to continuing the relationship in 2014!

After my first triathlon I was hooked!  The first two were on a mountain bike I bought from Racquet Master in Iowa City.  But, I wanted to go faster!  Instead of getting a road bike, I jumped straight to a triathlon bike.  I’m a very competitive all-or-nothing sort of person.  I headed over to Geoff’s Bike and Ski, told Geoff I wanted a tri bike, and he sat me on a Specialized.  I loved it!  It was also the middle of winter, so picked up a trainer and learned to love riding in my basement watching TV.  Two races later and I was back in the shop to get more triathlon accessories.  I asked Geoff if it was good tactics to not shift very much, and I remember his response of “you paid for all those gears, use them!”. 

Why Geoff’s Bike and Ski? I love that Geoff’s (mainly Nick) takes great care of my bike.  I love that frequently while I’m there someone I know will stop in.  I love that they have a couch to relax on while I wait for some small little annoyance (that’s probably not as big of a deal as I think) to get fixed.  I love that they also maintained the ski trails at MNRA this winter.   I love that they host the ICCC Women’s rides, even though I’ve only been on a few (I wish they had these when I started cycling).  I love that they at least appear to care about me and my bike, even though I can be a pain at times especially close to races when things “just don’t feel right” with my bike.  So, go buy a bike there! :)

Before Core opened its doors at their inaugural site in Iowa City I became a member.  While growing up I was on the swim team and stayed in decent shape.  After my freshman year of college, I hung up my swimsuit, but my appetite didn’t get the memo.  A few years and almost 40 pounds later (which is a good amount on a 5’1” frame), I decided it was time to lose some weight and gain some muscle.  Every morning I was at the gym when it opened (before it was 24-hours) either doing the elliptical, running, or spin class.  Spin is where I met John.  One day he had a crazy idea to sign up for a triathlon.  We made the “I’ll do it if you do it” deal.  He signed up and raced pigman sprint, and I chickened out (I didn’t think I was in good enough swim shape).  After hearing how much fun it was, I signed up for a CyMan and TriHawks that fall.  To get ready I trained mostly indoors at Core Fitness.  Spin classes are a great way to get in bike shape!    I definitely pushed myself harder in those classes then riding outside on my own.  And, it was convenient to hop on the treadmill after class. 

While training for my first half-ironman distance raced I injured my adductor.  My PT gave me core exercises to do, which I wasn’t so good at remembering or pushing myself while doing.  That’s when I discovered Core Strength class (Thursdays at 5:00pm in Iowa City).  7 years later and I still try to make it to class every week.  It’s 40min of a fun sort of hell.  If you go, keep in mind the core is more than just your abs. 

The other class I religiously attend is Relaxation Yoga (Tuesday’s at 5:40pm in North Liberty).  I used to think everything I did had to be a hard workout.  If I didn’t end with a pile of sweat under me it wasn’t worth it.  But, I have learned that sometimes I just need to stretch out and relax.  I’d be a happy camper if we sat or laid down the entire class, although I’m sure pretending you’re a tree (or a cat, or a dog, or a cow...) has some sort of benefit.  I feel much more limber and less injury-prone since I started attending the class a couple years ago.  I even think the breathing has helped in racing. When the going gets tough I close my eyes (peaking every now and then), think about my breathing, and feel the wind…my happy place.

ProActive Health Products - EpiCor
In June of 2011 Wes and I met Ebe, on his birthday, while waiting at a campsite at Kansas 70.3 for our mutual friends to arrive.  A flat tire delayed them, but it gave time for us to meet Ebe…who had brought birthday beer with him!  We were all racing Ironman Wisconsin that fall, and we quickly became friends while racing and training throughout the summer.   Ebe introduced me to my favorite breakfast dessert…EpiCor chews.  They help balance your immune system to aid in prevention and recovery from pretty much anything…training, illness, allergies, you name it and it probably helps it.  Since I was increasing my training I decided to give it a try…couldn’t hurt, and they taste like candy!  I’ve been hooked ever since. 

Has it kept me from being sick?  No. But, compared to those around me that have infected me with their same illness, I definitely had an easier go with it.  I also believe it has cut down the amount of times I’ve felt ill.  Given my training, I figure my immune system is pretty compromised most of the year, so I could become sick at almost any moment, but I haven’t.  Wes started taking it about a  year ago, and now that I know it can help with mobility in animals, our dog gets his dose every night with dinner. 

Want to give it a try?  Use coupon code “DANIELA” for free shipping, or find me for a sample.

I have been training and racing in Zoot shoes for several years now.  When I bought my first pair it was to switch to a lighter shoe in hopes it would help with the running injuries I was having.  I truly believe their shoe helped in my recovery, and I've been running in them ever since.  This past year I have been training in the Tempo Trainer and racing in the Ultra Tempo. I love that I can buy a trainer and racer that have the same insoles, which makes for a easy transition between the two.  This summer I'll be racing in the Kiawe to try something a bit lighter.  I also love the principle that Zoot follows: Innovative product solutions for multisport athletes.  I trust their products to get me to the finish line faster!  I'm incredibly excited to be a "Zooter" and look forward to meeting everyone else on the team!

So far 2014 has been a great year, and I'm looking forward to training outside and racing this summer.  And, I know all of my sponsors will help me achieve my goals while staying healthy and happy along the way.  Now, if I could just figure out how to get mother nature onboard to stop with these below 0 degrees mornings, life would be even better.

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  1. Ready to start watching you race on FB! Have a good season and NO injuries!