Monday, September 26, 2011

Peregrine - Not my best idea

Earlier this summer I had received a free entry to the Peregrine Triathlon. The race was a mere two weeks after Ironman Wisconsin. Since the race would probably not sell out, I waited until the last minute to sign up, just incase I wasn't race ready after IMWI.

Peregrine pays out to the top 3 elite men and women for the olympic distance race. With one week to go before the race, only 2 elite women were registered. Why not race? My bike has still decked out with IMWI stickers, my running shoes were still packed, and I hadn't put on a swim suit, so I was as rested as I could be :) The day before the race I checked the registration roster, and I was registered with 3 other elites! I was going to have to work for the $ :(

To make it a little more fun of a weekend, we camped the night before the race with another post-IMWI racing friend, Ebe. Both Ebe and Wes had signed up for the sprint distance race.

The weather was cold, the water was cold, and my feet were frozen. Not ideal conditions, but everyone was in the same boat.

The swim wasn't too bad. My wetsuit kept me warm, and there wasn't much fighting with just 4 of us. I was third out of the water and hoped I could pass at least one on the bike and not get passed. I was successful! Unfortunately, this was my only success. Putting on my shoes in T2 was a difficult task, and I could no longer feel my feet as they hit the pavement on the run. My legs weren't feeling much better with leftover fatigue from Wisconsin. It wasn't long before I was passed, and passed again. I was in 4th (aka last) by the turnaround. I wasn't going to move up in the standings, and there was no one left to catch me, so I slowed down my pace and just casually ran to the finish.

Am I glad I went? Yes. Even though it didn't turn out as I would hoped, I had fun. And, Wes won the Clydesdale division along with a little bit of $.

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